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Kennedy" An overly sexual couple hosts an intimate Halloween party, with Ben Stiller playing an uncomfortable friend dressed as Robin Hood. When Swift's character asks Frankenstein why he doesn't kiss her, he replies, "Because when I kiss people, I tend to accidentally choke them to death. Hamm replies, "Is 'sex offender' your Halloween costume, or are you fulfilling a legal obligation to declare yourself a sex offender? Can you guess who's who? We'll never tell. Yes, we will — I'm Paul. Email: Ryan.

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Georgia sex offenders sue sheriff's office over Trick-Or-Treat signs

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Georgia sex offenders sue sheriff's office over Trick-Or-Treat signs | Daily Mail Online

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Aaron Paul appears in the cold open and the "E-Meth commercial" sketch, reprising Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad the show's series finale airing the following day and appears as Drunk Uncle's nephew during Weekend Update. Miley Cyrus. Bruce Willis. Katy Perry performs " Roar " and " Walking on Air ". Aaron Paul appears in the pre-filmed "E-Meth" sketch, a repeat from the episode Tina Fey hosted during the season premiere.

Edward Norton. Alec Baldwin and Miley Cyrus appear in the opening monologue. Baldwin also narrates and appears in the fake Wes Anderson trailer. Cyrus also cameos in the "12 Days Not a Slave" sketch. Kerry Washington.


There's Nothing Scarier Than Being a Sex Offender on Halloween

Eminem performs " Berzerk " and " Survival " with Skylar Grey. Al Sharpton appears in the cold open. An excerpt from a season twelve performance featuring Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed , who had died on October 27 from liver disease, was featured after the show's Update segment. Kelly and "Gypsy". Bobby Moynihan introduces both of Lady Gaga's musical performances. Josh Hutcherson. Ferrell and Koechner later reprise their "drunken salesmen" characters for the " Bill Brasky " sketch.

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