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Your case will never be turned over to a paralegal. An attorney will be there to answer your questions, return your phone calls, and help you understand your options as you legal matter progresses. We understand that your legal matter is important to you and that you might have questions that you need answered quickly. We strive to return every phone call and email as quickly as possible and usually on the same day. Peters, Missouri. Absolutely fantastic!

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I was always able to get in touch with someone who was very knowledgeable about my case — no more than 24 hours went by with any questions unanswered — at least not without followup! Boyd and his staff communicated with me in person, over the phone, and by email. Could not have had a better experience! I was charged with a crime and spoke with several attorneys before I ended up hiring Mr. Mike pushed my case harder and further than I thought that any attorney would.

It worked!

It means a lot to be able to call and speak with an attorney and not be passed to an assistant or paralegal. I refer all of my friends to Michael Boyd. Highly recommended! Mike was relentless in attacking my case. He knows the law and the littlest things can make a big difference. He ultimately uncovered key technical evidence that resulted in a verdict in my favor.

As a member of The Lampin Law Firm, Michael Boyd has the knowledge and resources available to him to handle the most difficult and complex criminal cases. The Attorneys at this firm have experience as former prosecutors and our team has handled hundreds of trials throughout the State of Missouri. Our lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This personalized service sets us apart from other criminal defense law firms.

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If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, you can contact Michael Boyd and expect knowledgeable and attentive legal counsel. If you have been accused of a crime in the State of Missouri, you likely have questions that need to be answered. Having the right criminal defense attorney on your side who will take the time to answer your questions and explain the criminal justice process to you can make a big difference and ease the anxiety that you may be feeling.

Being charged with a crime may be one of the most stressful experiences that you may ever face. It is critical that you meet with a lawyer who will take the time to provide you with the advice, guidance and legal advocacy that you need in this difficult time. If you have been injured in an accident caused by somebody else, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Unpaid medical bills, lingering health conditions and missed time at work are all common concerns that our clients are facing. We work with you to help solve these types of problems and seek a fast and fair resolution to your personal injury case. Insurance adjusters are typically trained to minimize claims and pay as little as possible or even nothing at all in insurance settlements. We offer free legal consultations, with no strings attached.

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After you meet with us to discuss your injury case, if you choose to hire us and we accept the case, we work on a contingency fee percentage only. You will not pay anything unless we are successful in getting a financial recovery for you.

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They aim to change the classification structure for some felonies and misdemeanors which could see larger penalties for DWI offenders. The Senate and the House of Representatives signed off on the bill which was approved by Governor Jay Nixon and came into effect as of January It also applies if you are under the influence of drugs, or a combination of alcohol and drugs while operating a motor vehicle. For individuals with prior DWI convictions or a criminal history of any kind, the penalties imposed on the driver can be severe.

There are two separate sections of the Missouri DWI law that govern the arrest. In both cases without legal assistance, you will be looking at automatic license suspension or revocation once your day driving permit issued to you with the rest of the tickets you receive expires. You have a day grace period before you have to stop driving, starting from the day of the arrest. However, penalties can be higher depending on your Missouri driving record for the past five years. You do have recourse to petition the court to receive a restricted license in the event of your license being revoked or suspended.

You only have 15 days to contest a suspension or get a restricted driving privilege RDP. This countdown clock starts ticking the minute the officer issues a Revocation of Driving Privilege Form or the Notice of Suspension. It is vital at this time to get the best legal advice available to assist you with your dilemma.

If you were arrested and charged with a DWI in you need to keep updated with how the latest changes in these laws could impact the outcome of your case.

Repeat DWIs Are Felony Offenses

Both Class A and Class B misdemeanors are less problematic than felonies with the opportunity for these to be expunged from your criminal record after a number of years. The new bill also expands on the current definition of boating while intoxicated and will apply to all waterways in Missouri. Essentially habitual offenders will ultimately experience more severe penalties.

This bill created a new misdemeanor class Class D and a new felony class Class E. Unfortunately, this is bad news for some people. A young man or woman who received a DWI in high school and then one in college, is most likely looking at an E felony if they find themselves charged with a third DWI.

However, if handled properly there are multiple avenues that can be taken to avoid the felony conviction on your record and even have the charge reduced to a misdemeanor. In the new Missouri legislation law passed on May 4, prohibits the use of state money to fund sobriety checkpoints.

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They have subsequently been defunded and canceled. Here is one law that is essential to know in Missouri as it could get you arrested even when you think you are being responsible and choosing to not drive while under the influence…. State v. Director of Revenue in Under Missouri law if you operate a motor vehicle on the public highways of the state you have given your consent to have your breath, blood, saliva or urine tested, using up to two samples, to ascertain the alcohol or drug content of your blood.

DWI vs DUI in Missouri

If the court determines, after hearing, that such person has not been convicted of any subsequent alcohol-related driving offense, has no other subsequent alcohol-related enforcement contacts as defined in section There have been recent changes to expungement laws that can help you clear your criminal record. We can help you to see whether you qualify for an expungement of a previous conviction. A Missouri DWI arrest could be the start of a long journey as it could take months before charges are laid.

The DWI statute of limitation for the filing of a charge is one year according to Missouri law, specifically section You should therefore immediately start building your defense with the help of an attorney well versed in the Missouri DWI laws. So if you or a friend has recently been charged with a DWI in and around the St.

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Louis metro area, Combs Law Group can help you fight the charges. Give us a call so we can talk you through the process ahead and assist you with your legal defense. This was my first time dealing with a court case Restraining Order filed against me and this was definitely the Law Firm to go with. Christopher Combs sat down and discussed with me the details and reassured me that he will do everything he can to get the case dismissed.

source site He worked with Steve Waterkotte, who was very professional and reassuring as well. Obviously the outcome went exactly as they predicted and I couldn't be happier to pick Combs Law Group. Would strongly recommend to friends and family and will for sure be using his services again if ever needed. Combs was professional and attentive. I received prompt updates on the status of my case.

Combs was able to get me cleared of all charges for a nominal fee and only one appearance.