Florida law for buying used cae with no warranty

Florida Lemon Law

However, in an effort to respond to ramped up consumer protection efforts, more and more states are now offering some sort of legal protection for used car buyers that end up with a clunker. Consumers that purchase used cars enjoy federal law protection. Federal law is applicable to any car dealer or seller who sells more than six used cars a year.

Used cars are those that have been driven more than the limited mileage from moving the car from one site to the next, or that is added on during consumer test drives. Wisconsin and Maine are the only states exempt from federal law, because they offer their residents comprehensive used car purchaser protections. Dealers that don't comply with federal laws are subject to civil suit. The following are legal requirements for any used car sold within the U. A buyer's guide must be displayed on every used car on the side window.

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This guide contains any warranty information offered by the state, in addition to any protections the consumer has under federal law. Consumers should note that what is included in the buyer's guide, overrides any sales contract, and that they should receive the same buyer guide displayed on the vehicle they are purchasing.

No “Cooling Off” in the Florida Used Car Market

Buyer guides must meet the following requirements:. The guide must include the vehicle, make, model, year the car was made, and VIN or the vehicle identification number. Any warranty information must be displayed on the buyer's guide, including any warranties that you and the dealer agree upon during negotiations.

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If a used car is still under manufacturer warranty the buyer's guide must reflect this as well. In addition, the buyer's guide must include the following warranty information:.

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One way states provide consumer protections is by legislating which types of warranties are available to used car purchasers. If a state allows a dealer to sell a used car without any warranty, then purchasers of any used cars will virtually have no protection if the vehicle they purchase stops working.

store.orcanation.org/130.php There are four main categories of warranties including:. This type of warranty is only found in states with no used car consumer protection laws lemon laws.

6 Rules of Buying a Used Vehicle

In effect, this is equal to having no warranty at all. After the paperwork is signed, your car could stop working, and you would have little to no recourse. There are a number of states that have outlawed "As Is" car sales altogether, due to the potential for consumer abuse.

Florida Car Lemon Laws - New and Used Vehicles

For the states that do allow "As Is" car sales, the seller must provide you with disclosure documents that state the lack of warranty provided with the vehicle. Specific warranties can be full or partial. For both kinds, the warranty must set forth the duration of the warranty. Normal warranty language puts it in a number of miles or a number of days, whichever occurs first. Partial warranties will cover certain systems on the vehicle and exempt others.

A full warranty covers everything, but you should still make sure to read the exact language so you are fully aware of coverage before you close the deal. Buyers living in states that require specific warranties will also be protected by implied warranties.

Specific warranties, whether full or partial, will also create two implied warranties that offer consumers additional protection. They are the warranty of merchantability and the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose:. That is why it is important to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable Florida lemon law attorney if you believe you purchased a lemon. You should be represented by an attorney at these critical points, though you are not required to have one. If your vehicle is indeed a lemon, the manufacturer will have to either replace your vehicle or refund the full purchase price, whichever you choose.

If you believe that you bought or leased a lemon, you should consult with an experienced Florida lemon law attorney who can help protect and enforce your rights and get your money back. First, you must let the manufacturer know about the defect and efforts to fix it.