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I am thinking that Zendesk is not recognizing that we are a google apps customer and we are receiving the message in error. This article is very helpful in setting up a gmail account but I cant figure out how to connect a Google Apps account. Is there any way, when attached to a G Apps email via Zendesk, and a ticket is completed, to remove or archive the Gmail on the Gmail Platform as well. Otherwise I seem to be left with a lot of email bloat. Not at present, no. I'm not certain if that's something Google's API permits, but we could look at it. Generally this is one of the issue with the integration; using direct forwarding is cleaner, since messages can be automatically archived that way.

We're going to be switching to use Zendesk and have used Google Apps for years. As a result, we have s of old emails in our Gmail account.

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We don't want to delete all of that history for obvious reasons. My worry is that connecting Zendesk to use that support Gmail mailbox will import all of those ancient emails and initiate new Zendesk tickets from them. Obviously, that would confuse customers and cause chaos.

I've already "archived" and marked all of those emails as "read".

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Upon establishing the integration we will now retrieve the last 50 email messages and sort them by date, so no worries on thousands of emails coming in. If you've set up an SPF and DKIM record, and do not want any imports, I recommend setting up a simple email forward instead, which would mitigate anything that you didn't want importing to come in. Here are two ways you can do so via Google Apps:. Will this impact the connection to Zendesk? If so, how do we fix?

Enabling 2FA on Google's side will not impact the connection between Zendesk and the Google Authentication method -- It should be seamless when you turn it on!

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The only change of course would be the 2FA itself from Google's side. The one email account I need to use for zendesk isn't showing up when I try and connect. I can see all of the other emails in there. I check my google admin and I can see it's got full access to zendesk. Any thoughts? I wanted to clarify one point in the documentation above. In our testing, it appears that any email in the inbox, read or unread, is imported into ZD. Is that expected? Is there any way, when attached to a G Apps email via Zen desk, and a ticket is completed, to remove or archive the Gmail on the Gmail Platform as well.

Even I connect Recover gmail password Team. It might be best to revise this article for people who find it. I set up my gmail account as per the instructions, and Zendesk sends every email to "Suspended Tickets. Ticket suspension is unrelated to the functioning of the Gmail Connector. Those same emails would become suspended if you forwarded them to us without using the Gmail Connector.

Whatever is causing the suspension must be corrected at the sending or forwarding domains. If you have any more questions please open a ticket with us at support zendesk. That's a great feature.

However, I believe it is not without bugs. Indeed, several times tickets were not created from emails I've received. I have troubles figuring out a pattern, but I hint at forwarded emails: when a customer forward an email to our support email address and add their requests, I believe this ticket stays as it is and no ticket is created because of the Fw: in the title of the email. Those emails do not have the "zendesk" label. When authorizing the Gmail connector in Zendesk, you are setting up a forwarding rule and allowing Zendesk to send email on behalf of your domain.

Our system does not have access to read any other setups inside of your Gmail service.

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We only see the email that is forwarded to the address that you authorized. If you would send a request into support zendesk. If we choose automatic ticket creation from our Gmail inbox, is the email removed from the Gmail inbox? In other words, can this email now only be answered through ZenDesk? Thank you. Hi Mark, We do not delete any data from your Gmail account, we add a "Zendesk" label, though if you wish to respond to emails from your Gmail inbox then the Gmail Connector is not a great choice. We recommend using Zendesk to respond to your customers once you have enabled the Gmail Connector, and yes, the email will be converted into a ticket in Zendesk, from which you can then respond.

There is a 'feature' where Zendesk will suspend tickets according to internal rules which we cannot view, edit or control in any direct way. You can find out more here:. Is this still a feature? I had several addresses disconnected recently but did not see any email.

What is the content of this message? Maybe I just didn't search for the right thing. This feature should still be up and running. The email notification should be sent to your support address that you've set up notifying you that the integration is no longer working. Can you confirm that these emails are not being delivered to your Spam folder by chance?

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Let us know if you continue to experience issues with your Support Address. I have several email accounts using the gmail connector.

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None received any notifications that I could find, including in spam. Our product managers, frequently use those posts to try and make improvements to the Zendesk experience. Is the group feature of Gmail or group alias supported as a valid email address I can use to connect to Zendesk? Julian Great question! Google Groups and Distribution lists are not supported as mentioned in the following article: Is using an email alias, distribution list, or Google group as a support address supported? We've received notifications that the Gmail connector tool has been identified by Google for some kind of unauthorized behavior and will be blocked from accessing Gmail content beginning July The messages are in Chinese since that is the language of the accounts in question so I won't post the message here but it looks like Gmail Connector needs some urgent updates!

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Please sign in to leave a comment. Zendesk help Support Using Support Email. Jennifer Rowe Edited August 14, About Google sending limits Google limits daily sending to messages for Gmail or for Google Apps. Connecting to your Gmail account You can link one or more Gmail accounts. In the Support addresses section, click Add address , then select Connect external address.

If requested, sign in to your Gmail account. If you don't want to import any pre-existing emails as tickets, then deselect Create tickets from last 50 emails. Click Sign in with Google. You learn what you teach. If you have an outlet of communicating ideas to others, you are more likely to solidify that learning.

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