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Definition of Immediate Family: Mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter, great-grandmother, great-grandfather, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece or any spouse of divorced or legally separated person or person whose former marriage has been annulled.

City of Claremont : Vital Records

It shall not include cousins. Please make check or money order payable to the City of Manchester. If you are coming in person, we also accept credit cards. Can't make it to City Hall by p. Did you know we're also open on Tuesday from a. You will need to provide photo identification and complete a request form.

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You will be required to email a copy of your photo identification. A self-addressed return envelope with the appropriate postage affixed is required to process all mail requests.

Records/Certificates Available

The State of NH requires a copy of a valid photo identification for the individual applying for the birth certificate before a record will be released. If you do not have valid photo identification this documentary evidence form needs to be completed and the documents are to be provided. Sometimes a person may find that the information on the official birth record is not correct or information is missing. If this is the case, it is possible to have the official record corrected or information added.

There are special forms that need to be completed and you may be required to provide additional documentation in order to correct the record. Please contact the Office of the City Clerk at or by Email with any questions you may have regarding amending a birth record. O'Neil At-Large Ald. If no original birth record is on file for the adoptee the clerk of the town or city shall prepare a new birth record.

If the date and place of birth have not been determined in the adoption proceedings, a delayed certificate of birth shall be filed with the state registrar as provided in RSA 5-C through RSA 5-C before a new certificate of birth is prepared and, if the required evidence cannot be obtained that would justify the creation of a delayed certificate of birth, the registrar shall authorize the preparation of a birth certificate for the adoptee using court records as the authority for approval.

When a new birth record following an adoption is prepared by the clerk of the town or city of birth occurrence, no copy of the original birth certificate in the state of New Hampshire shall be disclosed except pursuant to RSA 5-C When it has been determined by the division that an adoption had previously been decreed by an authorized court, including out-of-state courts, but the amended birth record had not been prepared at the time of the adoption, then the clerk of the city or town of birth occurrence shall immediately prepare a new birth record and the division shall contact the court that authorized the adoption and ask that a certified copy of the adoption decree be prepared and transmitted to the city or town of birth with a copy sent to the division.

Upon receipt of a report of decree of annulment of adoption, the clerk of the town or city of birth occurrence shall replace the amended birth record with the original. The previous amended birth record and evidence shall not be subject to inspection except upon order of a court of competent jurisdiction pursuant to RSA B Upon written application by an adult adoptee, who was born in this state and who has had an original birth certificate removed from vital statistics records due to an adoption, the registrar shall issue to such applicant a non-certified copy of the unaltered, original certificate of birth of the adoptee, with procedures, filing fees and waiting periods identical to those imposed upon non-adopted citizens of the state.

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The registrar shall prescribe and, upon request, shall make available to each birth parent named on the original birth certificate, a contact preference form on which the birth parent may state a preference regarding contact by an adoptee who is the birth child of the birth parent. Upon such a request, the registrar shall also provide the birth parent with an updated medical history form, which shall be completed and returned, together with the completed contact preference form, by the birth parent to the registrar.

The contact preference form shall provide the birth parent with the following options from which the birth parent shall select one:. I have completed a contact preference form and an updated medical history form and am filing them with the registrar as set forth in this form.

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Only a person authorized by the registrar to process an application made under paragraph I may process a contact preference form and an updated medical history form. The applicant, a member of his or her immediate family, his or her guardian, or respective legal representatives shall be considered to have a direct and tangible interest for purposes of this section.

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Others may demonstrate a direct and tangible interest when information is needed for determination or protection of a personal or property right. Section B Confidentiality of Records Notwithstanding any other law concerning public hearings and records: I. All hearings held in adoptive proceedings shall be in closed court without admittance of any person other than essential officers of the court, the parties, their witnesses, counsel, and representatives of the agencies present to perform their official duties.

All papers and records, including birth certificates, pertaining to the adoption, whether part of the permanent record of the court or of a file in the division, in an agency or office of the town clerk or the bureau of vital records and health statistics are subject to inspection only upon written order of the court for good cause shown, except as otherwise provided in RSA B Nothing contained in this section or RSA B shall prevent the department or the licensed child-placing agency from sharing with the adoptive parents all information it has available about the minor child being placed for adoption.

The department or the licensed child-placing agency shall delete any information which would tend to identify a birth parent.

Requests for non-identifying social or medical information shall be handled in the following manner:. The department or the agency shall delete any information from the health history or background which would tend to be identifying. Restrictions to qualify for certificates for persons born within the last years: To obtain a copy of the certificate, you must be:. If you do not want to order the birth record, there are other records with birth information you can search.

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